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Live: Dorst MediaWorks 2016 Reel - Steve's Blog

Steve Dorst’s Blog

My new reel, entitled “Development Stories on Five Continents” is now live on YouTube.

It includes clips from 10+ countries where I’ve filmed in recent years—every frame here I’ve either shot myself or directed.

It features my work in Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Brazil, Colombia, Egypt, Ethiopia, Kenya, Lebanon, Mexico, the Philippines, and Zimbabwe. It leads off a playlist called “My Life is Better,” which includes commissioned short documentary films for international humanitarian and development organizations.

Visually, it launches with a bombed-out structure in Kabul, followed by a pre-dawn scene in rural Kenya—children are waking. An aspiring hip hop artist strums a guitar on a rooftop in one of Rio de Janeiro’s sprawling favelas. Then a Lebanese fisherman pulls in his catch.

Music is Tornado, by Jonsi.

Most of these stories are character-based, showing how programs improve the lives of beneficiaries. My clients that send me to tell these stories include USAID and its implementing partners, the World Bank Group and its partners, and other development organizations.

For Rabih in Lebanon, Precious in Zimbabwe, and Sara in Ethiopia, their fortunes have changed. Their health, education, and jobs are improved.

Their lives are better. If you have time, stick around until the end of the 2:50 clip. There’s a graphic that enables you to click through to 15 of the short films excerpted here. You’ll hear the voices of Rabih, Precious, Sara, and dozens of other people —  in their own languages, including Arabic, Urdu, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Swahili, Tagalog, Amharic, Meru, and Shona.

Long live documentary!


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