Steve Dorst

Independent Filmmaker
Director, Producer, Shooter, Editor


Steve Dorst

I am an independent DP, director, and filmmaker based in Washington, DC. I’ve been doing this since 2000.

Recently, I was DP and editor on the first season of the TV series, "Bench to Bedside," a 12-part science documentary series acquired by Australian Broadcasting Corporation. I was also credited as director on four episodes.

I directed and produced the documentary feature Shattered Sky: The Battle for Energy, Economy, and Environment. It premiered in festivals and on PBS in 2012; and on iTunes, Amazon, and Hulu in 2013.

I also directed and produced the award-winning documentary Volcanic Sprint (2008), which played in festivals worldwide and is currently repped globally by American Public Television.

DOCUMENTARY FOCUS. The vast majority of what I do is documentary style. For smaller projects, I’ll often work closely with a producer/writer and I’ll serve as DP/director or DP/editor. For larger projects, I’ll put together teams and packages to help meet the needs of various TV, film, and corporate clients.

INTERNATIONAL. I have a lot of experience filming in international locations, having led field production teams in East Asia, Europe, Latin America, and Africa. I tend to like these projects, because of my background studying international relations and living abroad. Since 2011, I’ve filmed in Azerbaijan, Kenya, Mexico, the Philippines, Zimbabwe, and 16 U.S. states. I edit in English, Spanish, and French.

RENTAL. I currently shoot with the Canon C300, Canon 5Dm3, and Sony EX-1; and I rent out a full "Documentary DSLR" camera package at about 25% less than most rental houses.

Bottom line, my specialties are: Director, DP, and filmmaker for TV, film, and corporate. Wide experience in documentary style and international locations.

I’m always interested in making new friends and contacts, as well as considering new projects in the film and TV business, especially documentaries. Contact me.